'Wee' are offering the best Ad Space ever! And 'wee' would be so happy to post your website, company, etsy shop, etc. All you have to do is donate a product, your service, etc. and you will receive a free ad space! { Contact us }

Please see below for donation values to determine the ad space time.

* 3 months, FREE AD Space on our  "Side Bar"
•    Donation valued from $25.00 to $50.00 dollars
•    Group page write up
•    Ad on our Bid-to-Win page.

** 6 months,  FREE AD space on our "Side Bar" 
•    Donations valued from $55.00 dollars to $99.00
•    Full page write up
•    Ad on our Bid-to-Win page.

***1 year,  FREE AD space on our "Side Bar" 
•    Donation valued from $100.00 dollars +
•    full page write-up with links to your site
•    Ad on the Bid-to-Win page 
•    Ad on our V.I.P. page for 1 year

100% is donated to BCCHF and very sick children around the world. Thank you so much for helping our cause.

Donation Ideas: Gift Cards, Hotel Stays, Clothing, Jewellery, Dinners, House Hold Item's, and Sports Equipment.   This Merchandise is Auction off to the public

Submission: Email us or mail your donation package to: Wee Care Clinic, 41356 Tantalus Road, Squamish, BC. V8B0P6 { C/O Pam Potts } Please forward your donations COD.  

Other Option?                                     
Ad space available with cash donation:

100 X 200 for $10.00 {bottom}     -or-     100 X 400 for $15.00 {middle}     -or-     200 X 400 for $20.00 {top}

Each ad is available for one month located on the side bar, either top, middle, or bottom. We will also offer a Free "Welcome Post" for each purchase. Please contact us with your size, # of months, and attached photo.