Who 'Wee' are:
The Clinic is a non-profit organization supporting;  All Children -&- BC Children's Hospital. 
The Wee Care blog is where we chit chat about children's books, clothes, and party ideas including updates on our journeys through fundraising.

How 'Wee' Work:
Young children volunteer to dress-up as doctors and pretend to give check-ups to the public for a donation towards Sick Children & BCCH. The children hand out band-aids, suckers, & buttons too! The clinics are held in schools, fairs, sports events, etc. 

Our Goal:
We are trying so very hard to reach our goal of $5000.00 by June 2013. You can help us reach this goal by:
1. Bidding on our Auction site
2. Donating to the Pink Piggy Bank (located on the side bar)
3. Donating an auction items: gift cards, toys, clothing, jewellery, dinner packages,hotel getaways, etc. 

Ad Space:
By donating to our site you will receive:

* 3 months, FREE AD Space on our  "Side Bar" in exchange for a donation valued from $25.00 up to $50.00 dollars. 1/2 page write up and an Ad on our Bid-to-Win page.
** 6 months,  FREE AD space on our "Side Bar" in exchange for a donations valued from $55.00 dollars and up to $99.00. Full page write up and an Ad on our Bid-to-Win page.
***1 year,  FREE AD space on our "Side Bar" Plus: a large AD on our V.I.P. Sponsor Page in exchange for a donation valued at $100.00 dollars and up. + full page write-up of your business, links to your sites, post on the Bid-to-Win page and an Ad on our V.I.P.  page for 1 year.

All donations are Auctioned off -100% is donated to either BCCHF& other very sick children around the world. If you have a sick child in mind that you would like us to fundraise for, please contact us.

All you have to do is Email us or mail your donation package (COD) to: Wee Care Clinic, 41356 Tantalus Road, Squamish, BC. V8B0P6.  C/O Pam Potts  

Standing-ovations our current donators: Save On Foods,  Longhorn Saloon & Grill,  Sidney Pier Hotel & Spa,  Squamish Canadian Tire,  Sidney Waterfront Inn,  Tim Hortons,  Cactus club cafe,  Refine Express Spa,  Best Western,  The Treasure Gem,  M&M Meats,  Dream Fitness  and a huge thank you, to all of the anonymous donators who mailed out or dropped off the creative handmade items.

General Inquires

Questions, comments, submissions, or requests... Please contact Wee Care or contact Pam Potts at 1.604.848.5393


Fundraising - We would love to hear about how you are helping children in your neighborhood. Please email your submission and please include the word "FUNDRAISING" in the subject. Please include a paragraph or two about what you do and add a few small photos Your submission will be posted within 3 business days of receiving your email.

Products - We are happy to receive submission about your children's products. Wee Care mostly covers children's books, toys, clothing, etc. We love email and we will respond to each and every one of you. Please be aware that we receive dozens of email submissions everyday so your patients is required.. If we do decide to post about your work, we will respond within 3 business days.

We love to post things that are new and have yet to be seen elsewhere or on other blogs, so if you've recently been featured in another blog or submitted to another blog, please note that in with your submission so we can note the the other blog sites as well.

Submissions can be emailed and please include the word "SUBMISSION" in the subject. Please include a few small (low-res) jpegs of the product with your email. If we need larger images, we will contact you for them. (Please DO NOT send submission via Facebook)

Ad spots are available in a variety of advertising packages on the "Free Ad Page." We will include all links to your website or business.

Miracle Weekend:
Hosted by BC Children’s Hospital

Press Inquires:
If you find us in the press somewhere please forward to our email address, please email and include the word "PRESS" in the subject line.

Our items up for auction are always new and are geared towards children & families.
Would you like your product in our line up? Send us an email with a picture of your product and lets start a bidding war. 

Donated Items - 100% of proceeds go to BC Children's Hospital (A tax receipt will be mailed, when requested). Charitable Business Number will be given.
Purchased Items - 100% of proceeds go to BC Children's Hospital. 

Each donation will receive a free ad space in our sponsor area on the side bar. Email us for reader stats, rates and availability. Please include a link to your website or business when inquiring.

Items under 12"x12" will be mailed free. Any item's larger than 12"x12" will be COD.

The Auction:

Auction Rules:
Our Auction is very simple. Leave your bid $$ in the comment box below with your name. Increase in intervals of your choice! You will be contact if you are the highest bidder. 

To Bid on Auction Items:
Click 'Comment Box' on the item wishing to purchase, click 'comment as' drop down tab, choose 'name/URL' (type in your name  or  click anonymous), then type the amount you wish to pay in the comment box and click enter. Good Luck!

Auction Donation Payment RULES:
Cheques must be mailed and received with-in 20 business days in order for you to receive your prize. Forward donation to 41356 Tantalus road Squamish, BC, V8B-0P6 Thank you Please pay via Cheque payable to Pam Potts and your item will be mailed asap! (Free Shipping) Thank you!
**NOTE** If you do not receive your donation cheque in 20 business days, the Auction Item will go back up for Auction again). 

Giveaway Prize RULES: 
You must contact Pam Potts at within 20 days in order to receive your prize. You must leave your mailing address, email address and your telephone Number. Your Giveaway Prize, will be mailed asap! (See shipping rules below.) Thank you!
** NOTE** If you do not make contact with Pam Potts in 20 days with the above information to, the Giveaway prize item will go back up for a Giveaway again).