Monday, September 26, 2011

Learn, Play, Laugh, Dream, Read, & Discover!

Have you ever wonder what to give your child when they are sick or having some down-time that is mentally stimulating? Bayard publishes an award-winning range of educational and fun magazines for children from the UK. Whether it's a StoryBox magazine (ages 3-6), an AdventureBox (ages 6-9) or a DiscoveryBox magazine (ages 9-12), Bayard Magazines are tailored to each age group to help children with their learning and reading. 

In each issue, children and parents will find beautiful stories, science, history, poems, activities and games. And, as children's magazines should be, all the magazines are advertisement-free and now come in audio CD's. Your kids will surely love receiving their copy each month!

For all those parents from Canada check out:
(Available in English & French)
From the rest of the world, check out:

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