Wednesday, November 30, 2011

5 Best...

Do you like playing board games? Do you have Game Night every Thursday night with your family? I love having board games around the house, not only for my family, but when people stop by or friends stay the night. Since they instantly make an evening fun and get the little ones (and your husband) off the television, computer, or video games. 

Here are my five current favorites...

{Jenga} Update: write funny things that you have to do on each block.
{Scattergories} Everyones classic favourite.
{Taboo} Always make people laugh, especially that buzzer.
{Life} Isn't it great to pretend to be someone else? 
{Kerplunk} it really gets your heart racing with each pull.

What games do you recommend? When is your game night of the week?

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