Monday, November 7, 2011

Parent Talk

More than 2 years after the health advocacy groups had asked Johnson & Johnson to remove carcinogenic chemicals from its shampoo, a new report from the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics saying that the Johnson's Baby Shampoo sold in many countries still contains a formaldehyde-releasing preservative! I would rather not have a cancer-causing ingredient soaking into my baby's skin, THANK YOU. Me, missing the whole story when it first came out, sort of knew through other sources as well as more important information about the products we are all using or have used on our children.

If you haven't read it, READ IT. Skinny Bitch, Bun in the Oven is about pre and post pregnancy. Noted in Chapter 15 ~ The Companies You Trust Don't Care About Your Child, Rory & Kim mention about a few companies 'dedicated' to the health of you child have terrible ingredients in them...Gerber and Huggies being some of the others!

ps. If you also want to check out your make here, type it in, and find out how bad it is for you. Remember... Everyhting we put on our skin, gets under our skin.

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