Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Story Time

Red Sled - By Lita Judge

Today's a good day to relax, sit don, and cuddle up with your child(ren) and a good book. This 'get me ready for snow' book is great fun and will be perfect to share when we do get our first snow (which should be any day now). So much to see in the illustrations and such a great story of wonder. Also a great book for children who are beginning to read. Ages 2-5, November 2011.

The story begins when the child puts away the sled for the evening, leaning it against the side of the house. A fun-looking bear sees it and has an idea.  He takes it for a ride and picks up a few friends on the way.  They have a great time sledding down hills and over some bumps.  Then they put the sled back where they found it.  The next day, the child goes out to play on the sled and notices the footprints in the snow... 

Happy reading. Do you have any good books you would like to share? Let us know...

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