Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thank you's!

{from left to right; top to bottom}
Huge Thank You's go out to London Drugs (Ray), the Garibaldi Highlands Elementary School's Jenn Bir (for placing our Clinic in the perfect spot) and the teachers, Mrs Newell, Mrs Yates, Mrs Jacobs (for letting the "Wee Care" come into the classes to teach), Chelsey Morphy-Potts from Potts DesignShoppers Drug Mart (John), Garibaldi Graphics, The Dollar Store (Justin), Jill Weys from Rise & Play Preschool (for working with Santa), Bonnie (for purchasing stethoscopes, what a life-saver), Johanna (For all the great advice you give us), Erin (for mailing stethoscopes to us), all of the parents who let their children participate, and a special thank you to Larissa Bergeron for all your help, which is very appreciated!!

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