Monday, February 20, 2012

Special People Contitued...

From a young age, children are taught to, "Say 'thank you.' " Today it's our turn to express our gratitude, 'thank you' to these wonderful children, who made a difference. 
One of the greatest gifts you can give a child is your gratitude toward them. Showing how thankful you are of them will make a positive difference in how they feel about themselves.  Thank you, Thank you, thank you.
5 ways to make your child feel good about themselves:
1. Set aside any distractions , Slow down and Listen. Let your child download their day.
2. For 20 minutes,  Read with (or to) your child. Learn new ideas while reading.
3. Think about how great your child is. Write a note to your child. A lunch box is a great way to brighten up the day
4. Set aside time for your child. Schedule a Date Night. It doesn't have to cost you money. Your family room is a great place to play a board game or create a castle with tooth-picks.
5 Look for opportunities to thank you child. Say "Thank You." I always thank my children for thing they helped me with. Thank you for helping me cook dinner tonight, or for taking the garbage out.
Such simple words and yet, so rewarding.
"Hugs to all of you from the Wee Care Clinic"

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