Friday, April 13, 2012

Tot Talk: Sometimes you have to let them do it alone..

Kids love to play and act silly, one of the best places to act like that would be at the park. You cant place a pillow cushion under the monkey bars for your kid to land on, because sometimes you just have to let them do it alone.

Here's how you can make the PARK a more enjoyable place.
It's simple really, avoid any kind of  drawstrings, hoods and loose-fitting clothing.

Always provide close supervision. It's so great if mommy and daddy get to come.., y.e..a...h!
Make sure the playground equipment is in good repair and anchored safely to the ground. Make sure that the ground has no hazards (broken glass, trash or needles, ect). Oh..,don't forget the sun screen and most importantly have fun!                        tomandtrix I love these photos. 

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