Monday, July 16, 2012

Make A Bead Bracelet

Things you will need: Beads, lots of beautiful beads, scissors, elastic, binder clip and a nail clipper. 

1. Separate your beads and tools so that you can easily put your bracelet together. 
A bead tray would be a good idea to keep you organized.
2. Use your scissors to cut off 10 inches of elastic. Don't worry about the length until 
you are ready to tie off.
3. Binder clip one end to the elastic, this help keep the beads from falling off. and 
then begin alternating your beads. Be creative and do it your way.
4. Once you have decided that the bracelet is perfect, detach the binder clip; grasp 
both ends of the elastic and tie a square knot as tight as you can.
5. Use your nail clipper to trim off the excess elastic. Do not trim too close to the knot. 
Slide the knot through the last bead.
Beautiful! Make some for your friends, they will love you and the bracelet.

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