Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tot Talk: Potty-Training My Twins

Potty training can be such a difficult and sensitive time for kids. Though most potty training starts around 18 months, others may not be prepared to learn until their fourth year. From experience, rushing it never works. Wait for the right moment.

You don't want to see this... We want it to be positive..., right? 

Toddlers fear falling into the toilet, and their anxiety can interfere with potty training. I placed a potty training toilet in to my child's room (which worked very well) and another in the bathroom that was closes to the main activities in the house. Keep in mind that kids will move these potties around, my twins moved their potties all over the place. Buy the right equipment, whether its a potty that sits on the floor or the adapter seat that fits on the toilet (make sure you have a stool.) Potty Training Experts There is good advise on this site and girl training too.

There has to be benefits for the hard work of potty-training, take your kids out to get some big-boy underpants. Remember the underpants are for him...let him pick out the cool under-pants.

Read and Feed Scheduling!  I could calculated the exact time my boys (twins) slept. Every time they went down for a nap, I would walk into their room just before I thought it was time for them to wake up, I'd then gently wake them up and place them on their toilets. With treat in hand and their favorite storybook I would begin to read and feed. Within minutes they would turn to each other and start smiling when they heard the spraying in their bowl (so cute and so relaxing). By the way, my boys learn to sit at first....,

until I introduced the "Big Boy Toilet." Wow.they could stand-up and spray!! Spray what you say..?

Meet Brandin in Black and Tylor in red. This was hilarious but became very messy.  I wouldn't have changed a thing, because we laughed for days over this one and the boys always wanted to pee in the "Big Boy Toilet."  

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  1. Too, funny Pam. Some great ideas though.


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