Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Meet the MD

Name: Phoenix
Age: 5 Years Old
Interest: Transformers
Meet one of our M.D.'s, his name is Phoenix! Found at Rise and Play Preschool, this Doctor has many interests. Phoenix started this position at the age of 3. Phoenix continued with the medical position at the Wee Care Clinic until he was 5. He is very adventurous and his playful demeanor brings him many patients. While at the Clinic, we asked Phoenix what his favorite treat was? He said, “'s suckers, but I have to wait until I go home before I get one.” 

These days, you can find this M.D. at his home with his family or hanging out with one of his many best friends. Thanks for all your help Phoenix!

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  1. Wee Care Clinic, he is a cute doctor.


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