Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Meet the M.D.

Name: Catarina
Age: 6 Years Old
InterestMeet one of our M.D.'s, her name is 
Catarina! Found at Rise and Play Preschool. 
Catarina started this position at the age of 3. 
Catarina continued the medical position at 
the Wee Care Clinic in 2012 and was last seen
working as an M.D. at the Garibaldi Highlands
School. Catarina participated at the 2010, BC
Children's Hospital Miracle Weekend, where
she helped earn $2357.32 in just 5 hours.
Way to go Catarina and thank you!

These days, you can find this M.D. at her home with her family making, "to do lists" for 
the family.  Mom, seems to be very busy with her list of cooking meals, washing floors and 
cleaning house, while Catarina's list consists of watching T.V., making a mess and playing 
games on the computer. She is a very busy M.D.  Thank you Catarina for all you have done 
in the past for sick Children.


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