Monday, August 13, 2012

Tot Talk: Baby Names

Picking a name for your baby is a very tough decision indeed. There are many ways to name a baby, perhaps you'll stumble on that perfect name, maybe you and your spouse decided a long time ago, or a friends had a good suggestion for a name. Try to narrow down your list, start with positive names and then define your  baby naming style.  

These are the top 2012 baby names.
1 Jacob, Sophia 2 Mason, Isabella, 3 William, Emma 4 Jayden, Olivia 5 Noah, Ave 6 Michael, Emily 7 Ethan, Abigail 8 Alexander, Madison 9 Aiden, Mia 10 Daniel, Chloe 11 Anthony, Elisabeth 12 Matthew, Ella 13 Elijah Addison 14 Joshua, Natalie 15 Liam, Lily 16 Andrew, Grace 17 James, Samantha 18 David, Avery 19 Benjamin, Sofia 20 Logan, Aubrey. 
Most parents look for these categories:  Trendy Namer, The Abdicator Namer, The Egalitarian Namer, or The Traditional Namer, which one are you? I named my twin boys after their father and big brother. My daughter was named after Jane Fonda, in a movie called "On Golden Pond."  

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