Monday, August 27, 2012

Tot Talk: De-stress Your Small Fry

Life is becoming more and more stressful and children are increasingly suffering the effects of our stressful society. Here are some tips to help your child de-stress...
Music: Why it works? Studies show that soothing music lowers the heart rate, blood pressure and stress-hormone levels.  Listening to music will mellow the mood.  Play different types of music, classical, acoustic guitar, lullabies in the car or before bed. Don't forget to ask your child how the music makes him feel, this way you can guide your child into seeing how music can have a positive effect on their body. Volume level 85 decibels or lower.
Bubbles: Give kids something to do with distressing feelings. Bubbles are a great way to help kids practice visualizing emotions and letting them go. Tell your child to blow away any bothersome feeling that they may have..., "I'm worried about school"...blow it into the bubble and that worry is now floating far away or have your child stomp on that worry bubble.
Imagination: Ask your child to imagine her/himself in a relaxing situation. dim the lights and imagine that you are laying in a bed of feathers, it's so soft and comfy. As your child to talk to you in a very soft voice about the happy things in their lives. The times to use this exercise is when your child is ready to go to sleep or while lying on the bed at the doctors office. 

I hope that you try out these tips on your children they are simple, calming techniques for your child's mind and body. De-stress your child by, exercising, slowing down on so many activities, try not to yell at your child (talking gets the same result), relax together and most important.., spend some quality time together (talk and laugh with each other) this is healthy for everyone.  Happy Monday Everyone!!

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