Thursday, September 27, 2012

D.I.Y. Burlap Table Cloth

The things I do for friends.., I love it.  Give this a try.....

While visiting a friend, she asked me if would decorated her table with Burlap.., I jumped at this challenge. We went out and bought some burlap and raffia and within the hour we started measuring her table. This table was a perfect square.. so, it was easy to work with and we had....
lots of fun.

I rolled the burlap out one way, measured it and cut it off. I then rolled it out the other way, measured the same distance and cut again. If I was going to do this again: I would sew all edges to stop the fraying. 

Then take some raffia and tie the corners. I joined the two burlap's together. Starting at the top tie a knot and then crisscross all the way down to the bottom. Do this to all 4 corners -this will hold everything together

For decoration purposes, I then weaved the raffia (in and out) all the way along the top edged. Be sure to go through both burlap's and pull slightly to keep the top of the burlap flat. Tie raffia strands together to make one long Strand and weave in and out all the way around the table. 

I tied a bow in the middle of the table, just because I wanted too.

See what some burlap and raffia can do.... We love it and you will too. This project took me 45 minutes. Get yourself some burlap, raffia, scissors and a bottle of wine. You'll need the wine to celebrate when you complete this beautiful project. What do you think? do you have a great craft idea? Email us at:


  1. That looks like a great idea, I think I'll do that for my Thanksgiving table.


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