Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tot Talk: Free Range Parenting

Do you hover over every move your child makes?  This mom, Lenore Skenazy wants to offer you and your children a park to play in with-out supervision. It's not free and it's not cheap! Lenore Skenazy charges $350 dollars to let your kids play at this unsupervised park, while she goes for coffee at a near by coffee shop.  What do you think? I'd love to hear your thoughts.
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  1. There is no way I would leave my young kids, "unattended in a public play ground." (These are my babies, why would "I" put my kids into a potentially risky situation at such a young age.) There are families out there that have different views on what I would consider proper behaviour. What does Lenore do with the money that people give her? Parks are free, aren't they? This is just my opinion.

  2. I would conceded it if my kids were old enough (8 and up) and only if they were educated on people/street safety. I would never pay for a service that is not available. ??

  3. What, are out children chickens? It is true that there are alot of parents who smother their children but there should always be some sort of supervision. That way you can intervene and teach your childen along the way. As a teacher, we intervene by teaching early childhood things like playing, no hitting, manners, etc. and teen adolescent things like bullying, drugs, etc. I think she is teaching parents to be even more lazy then they are today while making a buck. Interact with you children - or you'll miss out.

  4. I do & don't agree with it, but here's an article on this subject.

    Lenore Skenazy is a public speaker and founder of the book and blog Free-Range Kids. Her show “World’s Worst Mom” airs on Discovery/TLC International.


  5. I think there is a middle ground - but it does make you think about hover mother tendencies (that would be me). BTW tweeting to all those Mommy bloggers in BC I connect with you site. Hope they check you out.

  6. I have a big backyard and in the days when my children were young my mom friends would come over with their children, it was mayhem out there! Kids need supervision, not to mention the dangers of leaving children at a playground! Never would I do that or pay for it!


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