Friday, November 16, 2012

Auction: A Priceless Event Ltd

Have you ever been to an event and just stood and stared at the gorgeous decor around you? A friend of mine has a company called: A Priceless Event and her decor will take your breath away.

100 Chair Covers & Sashes ( Bidding ends December 07, 2012. )
Valued at:  $250.00 Valued at 2.50 per chair & sash
  Starting Bid: $1 for each chair

Highest number of chairs wins the auction.

For this weeks Auction:  A Priceless Event is offering you a rental of chair covers and sashes at $1.00 each chair, retail value $2.50 each!! Bid and win!!  Place your bid in the comment box...

I'm not, and I'm sure you're not, a wedding planner, so how about we let the Event Planner take care of everything.  There are so many special events that could look spectacular: Christmas, Weddings, Birthdays and Anniversaries.... just think how beautiful the event would look, inside or outside! Pick your colours  ("I choose gold!!")

Detail after gorgeous detail is expected when you spot a celebration event by Morgan.

The Auction: A Priceless Event Ltd. will provide the rental of 100 chair covers and sashes for your wedding or event, with all proceeds going to the BCCHF.  These Chairs and Sashes can be used for Weddings, Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversary and any other special event. The sashes come in a variety of colours and if you are looking for more than a 100 chairs contact Morgan at Priceless Event. 

100 chair covers & sashes: Start at a $1 each chair,  "100 chairs @ $1 = $100.00 -  Who can beat $100.00?."  Ex. (100 Chairs & sashes @ 1.05 = $ 105.00) This auction is open until December 07, 2012.
The lucky Auction winner must book by January 31, 2013. Book It Now

All Winners Must Read the Contest Rules for Auction Donation Payments and for Receiving the Giveaway Packages Contest & Giveaway Rules Here

Watch for NEW Auction item tomorrow...
Post your Bid below in the Comment Box....


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  2. I am looking for 200 black chair covers and royal blue sashes for a new years eve gala to support the Arts Umbrella. I also need black round tablecloths, but I would need to spend no more than $200. as this is a charity event. Thanks

  3. ps: you are all invited too, go to for info

  4. Wee Care Clinic - Pam PottsDecember 5, 2012 at 12:49 PM

    Rachael Marie, thank you for your bid and for the very kind invite. I am requesting that you contact, A Priceless Event directly, her number is 604-892-4915. Morgan Price will be happy to help. Thank you for your wonderful donation. <3

  5. Is Rachael Marie bidding $200 on 200 chair covers or $200 for 100 chair covers? Thanks.

  6. From A Priceless Event:

    @ Racheal Marie. Your comments have lead to some confusion and is holding up the bidding process. Since you are requesting more items than the auction is offering, we will consider your comments VOID. Please either leave a bid for 100 covers/sashes to support the Clinic and we can help you out with any other items after the auction is closed. Or contact us directly and we will work something out to meet your needs. Either way we would love to support your cause as well!

    Thank You!

  7. Replies
    1. Congratulations Anna, you are the Winner of the, A Priceless Event Giveaway. Please Follow the Auction Rules on our Clinic Page.

  8. Congratulations Anna, you are the Winner of the, A Priceless Event Giveaway. Please Follow the Auction Rules on our Clinic Page.

    Cheques must be mailed and received with-in 20 business days in order for you to receive your prize. Forward your Donation to: 41356 Tantalus road Squamish, BC, V8B-0P6 "Thank you"


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