Monday, November 26, 2012

Tot Talk: Medical School Begins

In order to become a real Doctor, a person must first complete a bachelor's degree. Then, he or she would attend and complete four years of medical school, but these little geniuses have become doctor's in a few short hours and they are ready to see you!

Yup..., everything sounds great! The ticker is thumping, you won't need...
to see me until this time next year.  This is also referred to "the shadowing program", where she is observing this trained doctor and will then do as seen. Doctor see, doctor do.

This young doctor has spent the stressful hour practising how to put on and take off band-aids.
Video: Press play
We thought we should give you a little glimpse into one of our medical faculties to show you how much work is involved in Medical School. Oh, the pressures!
Here is evidence of participation in leadership.., this won't hurt a bit!!  ( Love the hats )
After careful consideration, this young doctor has decided that she prefers to work on animals.., she just may be changing professions.

Come out to the Craft Fair and see these adorable little doctors at Mamquam Elementary School on November 29th at 6:00 PM. They will be ready to give you a clean bill of health and a sucker before they send you on your way.  A huge thank you to  all of the children at Mamqam Elementary School and to the teachers, Mrs Sotham,  Mrs Bouchard, Mrs Gagon for supporting BC's Kids BCCHF!

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