Monday, November 19, 2012

Wee Care Clinic: Goes to Mamquam School

Little kids are so much fun!! The kids were so welcoming and happy to see me. I spent a little while teaching the children about hospital equipment, 911 calls, the difference between a Doctor and a Nurse, what to do if you find a needle and about our Wee Care Clinic. I love when kids get excited about learning. 

I dressed up boy named, Cohen as a Doctor. I taught Cohen in my Preschool for 2 years - prior to..
kindergarten, so he was very comfortable having me dress him up in front of his peers.

I made sure that Cohen had everything he needed for his first patient. The kids called out the names of the surgical equipment that I placed in the Doctor's front pocket.

Cohen had a tongue depressor, band-aid, tweezers and a medicine syringe and a stethoscope; all the required tools needed to assist a patient.

Doctor Hannah is ready to see you now!!

This is Doctor Hannah, she was a wonderful model for us. Have a look how long the gown is, makes me laugh. I had a wonderful day at the Mamquam Elementary School. I think the children will make awesome Doctor's at the Wee Care Clinic coming up on, November 29th.  Watch for our Post on this event December 3rd. You don't want to miss our GIVEAWAY it's coming soon, watch for it!

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  1. Side note Pam...That's Hannah in picture 4...I know they look so much alike!

  2. Ha ha.., Right!! I'll fix that! Poor Hannah.

  3. I heard that you will travel to other schools, will you travel anywhere? Maybe you could come visit our school. I'll email you.

    1. Hi Kim, thank you for your comment. Please forward your email, we would love to come to your school and hold a Wee Care Clinic.


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