Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Wee Care Clinic: Surgery on Our Doctor!

Wouldn't you agree that Kids and the Operating Room is not a nice mix? A parents greatest fear is to have their child admitted to a hospital and it is normal for parents to feel worried or nervous when their children is having procedures done. The other day, my heart broke when I heard that one of my little Wee Care Doctors was injured and had to make his own visit to the real  Wee Care Clinic  in the City called, "BC Children's Hospital"   

Preston's hands are wrapped only to keep him from touching his ear.
While visiting with his Grandma (Oma), Preston and his brother Carter where rambunctiously running around Grandma's house, until Preston stumbled and fell against a brick wall. This may be difficult to look at, so this is only those who have a strong stomach....

Preston's Ear was cut in half. The earlobe was just barely holding on.
A quick call to mom and dad, who upon arrival immediately, picked up Preston and drove off to the nearest hospital where they were then advised to drive Preston to BC Children's Hospital, 1hour away.  

Preston was very brave at BCCH. He watched everything the Doctor's did to him, until ZZzzzz
Preston's parents mentioned that the Doctor's and staff were so professional that everyone spoke calmly and used very kind words to Preston. The Doctor's and staff made sure that Preston was informed about everything that was going to happen to him, including giving him the "Medicine Straw" (IV, intravenous though his hand).

15 external & 2 internal stitches
Poor little guy!
The next few nights were a little rough because do you know a child who can sleep in one spot all night? No, I didn't think so. But Preston healed up very nicely and within 7 weeks the scar is hardly noticeable. We are so happy that you are feeling better Preston. Big hugs to you, mommy and daddy.

“You can’t prepare for everything, but I found that getting myself as ready as possible really helped me to stay calm, which in turn helps my child to cope better.”

Do you have a story that you would like to tell? Have you ever had to take your child into the Children's Hospital? Tell us your story. Email us, hello@weecareclinic.com


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    1. Yes, he really is a brave little guy. I think it's harder on the parents.

  2. Wow, that is such a brave little guy. Glad he is feeling better.


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