Friday, December 21, 2012

Auction & Giveaway

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all.  Thank you for taking part in the Wee Care Clinic - Auctions & Giveaways.  We really can't express how grateful we are for your generosity and support. There is so much more that we will auction off & giveaway, so please keep watching our site.  In the Christmas Spirt of things.., please Like Us.. on our Facebook page. xo
Photo: Machine used
We are looking for Celeste Hopkins, winner of the Sandman Hotel and for Selinda Lye, winner of the Swing Car Giveaway.  Please collect your prizes before the deadline.  Thank you.


  1. Thank you sooo much! I'm sooo excited for my daughter!! She is going to be sooo happy!!

    1. Congratulations, Thank you for joining our site and for participating with the Wee Care Clinic. Watch for more giveaways coming soon. Happy Holidays!


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