Friday, January 11, 2013

Small Fry Pick: Snow Cones

I love to watch kids playing in the snow!! My family and I have always had a tradition on the first snow fall, we make snow cones. We get out our buckets and shovels and start scooping the fluffy white stuff in our back yard.

Find these ingredients or find your own. Be creative, no matter what it will taste great!
So worth it and so much fun.  Make sure you let the kids in on this! Ha ha Snow Cone Recipe: Ice-cream cones or bowls. Syrup whip-cream, sprinkles, food colouring or cool-aid. You can use apples, oranges and juice too. Don't forget the main ingredient..,snow.


  1. We used to do that when we were kids!!! Time to get the grandkids over!

    1. Ha ha, yes kids love it and they get so excited to decorate. It's all about fun. Thanks for your comment.


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