Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tot Talk: Here We Are...

Wee Care is a fundraiser where incredible kids dress up as doctors and give pretend check-ups to help raise money for sick children. Our clinic was held at Mamquam Elementary School. The clinic has a new front counter and our doctor's love it. The doctor's have a driving passion to help everyone who visits them.  The doctor's love to sit behind the counter while they hand out pins and balloons to the donators. 

There where times when the Doctor's had to come out from behind the counter to deal with....
those more serious cases. The adults loved their appointments and will watch for these adorable doctor's at the next Wee Care Clinic Fundraiser. 

The Clinic in busy with qualified physicians who have been practicing their technique for about an hour now. The doctor's are working very hard to make sure that their patients get quality care.

The job requires integrity, competence and social skills which these little doctors clearly have. Watch our up and coming post to see where our clinic will be held next.
By the end of the visit at the clinic the patients left with smiles on their faces and very happy hearts. "Would you like to attend a clinic like this one?" 

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