Thursday, March 28, 2013

Wee Care Followers.. Some BUNNY loves you!

Easter Sunday will be celebrated on March 31st for most families. You can't have Easter without an Easter egg hunt.  It is so much fun to watch kid's eyes light up and to see them all scatter to search for as many candies as they can. I usually start with a couple of candies places below their bed and then a trail of candy heading out their bedroom door, that's just to get them all worked up. :)
Choose a colour for each child so they will know what eggs are theirs and at the end of the search, we always throw all the candy into a large bowl and dived it out, ( or not) it's up to you and your..
kids to decide. 
Believing in the Easter bunny is like saying you believe in over size coloured bunny, who poops out coloured eggs all over your lawn.  Visit our Bid Page for some AWESOME deals.

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