Friday, April 5, 2013

Auction: Smillie's Birdhouses

Let your birds live in luxury in this hand crafted custom designed birdhouses. This Birdhouse will give your yard that unique charm.

Beautifully Hand Crafted Birdhouse ( Bidding ends April 19th, 2013. )
Valued at:  $50.00 
 Starting Bid: $10:00 
Highest Bid wins the auction.
For this weeks Auction:  Smillie's Birdhouse is offering you a gorgeous hand crafted birdhouse that is inspired by nature and it's beauty. Smillie collects driftwood and other treasure from the shorelines while camping. Smillie doesn't use treated wood, these birdhouses are presented to you in their natural state....

If you are interested in Smillies Birdhouses have a look at this.., Smillie's Birdhouse Photos. Each birdhouse is custom built and unique, therefore the price equally varies. Look here for  Smillie's prices on the birdhouses villas.

There are a lot of giveaways and Auctions items posted so please make sure you don't miss out. Giveaways and Auction Just like our page and follow the rules.  To bid on this "Birdhouse" place your bid in the comment area.  You can click on the anonymous and just put your amount in if you like, but email us your name so we know who you are. 


  1. Wee Care Starts the bid at $10.00 Good Luck... Oh, and I just may BID again on this one!! :)

  2. Bonny Golaiy Bids $20.00

  3. Sherry M. $25.00

  4. Evelyn Clark. Very Nice $35.00

  5. Replies
    1. Congratulation Bonny You have won the Smillie's Bird House!!! Please forward your donation to, 41356 Tantalus Road, Squamish BC V8B-0P6 or you may pay by way of ..., Pay-Pal. Thank you!!


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