Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Healthy Hybrid

I came across this incredible Facebook site called, “The Healthy Hybrid” because I’ve been looking for a dietary change that suits my family and brings us closer to great health. I haven’t started any particular diet yet but my plan is to go Paleo. I may end up moderately Mediterranean, radiantly raw and vaguely vegan. I will certainly be gloriously gluten free, seriously sugar free.
For more information on the wonderful way to eat and grow your food visit The Healthy Hybrid  what do you think? Do you grow your own food? What tricks can YOU teach US?  We'd love to hear from

Contest: Wee Care would love to see a photo of your child's favourite space. Send your photo into us at Email: hello@weecareclinic.com  We will post the photo's on another posting and pick a winner from random. Starts today and ends June 30th. Winner will receive a gift card to White-Spot for a family night out.   Good luck everyone.


  1. That's such a great idea, Thanks for that!


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