Monday, July 15, 2013

Our Auction Is

On a Summer Break. It won't be for long, but just enough time for me breath and get my strength and courage up to 'go out there' to ask for these wonderful auction gifts. Thank you so much for your support for BC'S Sick Children, without your help I couldn't do what I love to do (helping all children).

I will continue to post on my blog and will offer fun activities like this one: Kids Fun Place To BE.  Send in a photo of your child's favourite place to play, is it in a fort, at the beach, in a box or a tea-party in the play-house? Take a photo of your child's 'Fun Place To Be' and send it into us at We will choose a winner at random and you could win a dinner out to White Spot. Have a wonderful summer. Auction will open on September 09th, or SOONER, I love to keep you guessing! :)

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