Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What is the Wee Care Clinic?

I had decided that I had to do something to help sick children and families who need support financially and emotionally. The Wee Care Clinic is what I came up with...

Tweezers, scissors, bandages, needles...
No need to worry, they are all plastic.

Very young children go out in different communities dressed like doctors and set up a Wee Care Clinic. Yes, it a clinic that is surrounded by "Wee" Doctors with "Wee" equipment. These children are fundraising for BC CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL (BCCH) or other children's organizations in hopes to make a HUGE difference in another child's life (check out our photo's). These children will set up their clinic in schools, stores, parks; anywhere you need us, we will be there. Such as Squamish's Save-On-Foods, for two years it was a huge success with raising roughly $2,000 in just 2 hours. The Clinic offers a health check from one of our adorable Wee Doctor's by giving you a 'shot', a band-aid, and a sucker for good health in hopes that you will donate for a wonderful cause.

It's about amazing children who want to help sick children. Whether your child is healthy or sick, a parent will do anything to see that their child feels their very best. Will you help us make a difference? Help us improve the health and care in all children.


Pam Potts

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  1. Johanna ProudfootMarch 31, 2010 at 3:52 PM

    Can't wait for Carter's first Wee Care Clinic!!! Thanks for doing this Pam, and teaching our children so much!!!


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