Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wee Care Clinic 2010

"Anybody want a check-up?"  "I think you're sick." "Need a heart beat?"
These were just among a few of the comments made towards by passers at Save-on-foods from our 'wee' little doctors.

The 'Wee Care Clinic' travelled to Squamish's Save-On-Foods, May 6th and 7th, to give 'doctor check-ups' for donations.

Everyone seemed to be in good health today. With a slow start to the day, the doctor's had time to help our dolls and our patient (Larissa) who laid restfully in bed. The doctor's still worked hard checking everyone's 'bump bumps' (heart beat) and giving many, many band-aids. They also checked for polka-dots on patients tongues. You left with a lolly-pop and feeling much better.   :)

The doctor's office was FULL! Check-ups and appointments were being made on the floor and in the isles. Everyone received a clean bill of health. Carter was writing out doctor's notes, Benny was giving out the band-aids, and Mason was making sure eveyone got a pin or a sucker. They made sure you got your favourite color lolly.  The donations doubled from Thursday!

Love, Live and Give,

Pam Potts

Thank you for all of your donations and support! We are so grateful that you could make it!

Rick & Jasmine, Matthew Hansen, Carol Raffaele, Lily & Grizz, Dona, The Valley Cliff General Store, Meghan White, Evan Rose, Mason Fieldhouse, John & Lisa Hunter, Dianne, Ariana & Josh, Craig Hunter, Janae, Carla, & Brad, Eleanor, Natasha Heslop, Colleen, Colin Sherry, Platapus Centre, Lise Hurard, Tony & Marie Worth, Colleen Alvernini, Elise, Sandra B., Teagan &Luca, Kelsey, E. Maagnenberg, Kendra Thompson, Wendy Ressler, Augusta, Joe, Yvonne Smith, Aaron Lalli, Don &Gina Fieldhouse, Liz Leonard, Denise, Norm Scott, Coreena Noukas, Pete Cooper, Stevan Cui, Beverly Harris, Sophia, Adrienne Boots, Tina Haveman, Joey, Nicholas, &Melissa, The Proudfoot Family, Terry E.,Simone Essiambre, Eric, Hunter & Tanya, and Anna!

And to all of those anonymous donators... Thank you!

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