Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall Fun!

On this gorgeous Fall day I met with 9 very energetic children at the Easter Seal Camp for a Halloween party / pumpkin hunt. But there was something else going on today...I feel like the goal of the children today was to cover me with as many leave as they could find!! Oh don't get me wrong, they did carve pumpkins, make a few crafts, eat a lot of treats (that their mom or dad made for us, YUM!) but they turned their interest on to me. I was covered in wet, bug infested and dirty covered leaves. After 5 minutes, which felt like 30 minutes of tumbling around and throwing leaves at each-other, I managed to pick out the bugs, flatten out my hair, grab a coffee, and rest by the fire. I wouldn't change a thing about this wonderful, fall day.
Sometimes I wonder who is the bigger kid, me or the kids? Do anything lately that made you feel like a child again? Comment below.

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