Tuesday, November 1, 2011

More Contestants!


I hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween. Did you carve pumpkins? How many children did you get at your house? We got 4 on our little, quiet street. Looks like I'll be eating candy for a long time... Thank you very much for submitting the cutest pictures of your child(ren). Do you recognize any of these faces? The results will be posted this afternoon... Good Luck!

Lego! Age,...adults? (How'd they get in there? Oh yeah, best adult costume ever!)
Skunk & Witch, Ages 3 & 4
Canuck Superfans, Ages 12
Bag of Groceries, Age 5
Little Butterfly, Age 1
Spiderman, Age 4
Pumpkin with a Cool Touch, Age 9
A Classroom full of Costumes, Ages 3
Mini Mouse, Age 4
Puppies for Sale, Age 3
Monkey & Dragon, Ages 5 & 3

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  1. Hahaha, I emailed you our adult Lego costumes just so you could see it, funny that it's on the site!!!!


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