Monday, November 21, 2011

Divide & Conquer

Ready for the holidays...

For anybody who has ever felt crippled by the inability to choose between butter-pecan and sour-cherry pie, we've got good news: 
the Split Decision pie pan  ($18).

This handy creation from gift gurus the Spoon Sisters allows you to make either one full-size pie or two half pies, thanks to a removable divider that splits the pan down the middle.

While this dual arrangement is great for families with multiple pie preferences, we also love the idea of using the pan to create a sweet and savory pairing--say chicken potpie and apple crisp or vegetarian quiche and chocolate chess pie. Just make sure the recipes have the same cook times and temperatures.

{Plus, since both the full- and half-pie inserts easily lift out of the base, you can quickly remove pies without wrecking the crusts}

Now if only you could decide which serving tray to put them on...

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  1. Love it. Great for kids who want to create their own pies.


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