Monday, December 19, 2011

Stocking Stuffers!

That very special day is soon approaching. I would like to help you come up with that last minute, but fabulous gift idea for your someone in your life who keeps going bump in the night....

These innovative LED slippers allow you to easily move around dark 
areas without turning on any lights. 

Two powerful LED lights (placed in front) illuminate 20-25 feet ahead and automatically turn off when you remove the slippers (built-in weight sensors). Built-in light sensors do not allow the slippers to turn on if there is light in the area and the weight sensors do not let the LED slippers turn on unless you are standing on them. 
Ideal if you are seeking for that very unique and funky gift.
How many of you are up wondering around the house late at night, trying not wake the rest of the family? "For me", this would be a great gift. Maybe this way I'll stop walking into the furniture. One thing is for sure, these slippers will definitely stop the tears and a few choice words. 

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