Thursday, January 26, 2012

Enjoy the Show

With all of this rain coming down, I have found a wonderful idea for you and your child to play inside today. Children love to make things out of boxes, so give this a try, maybe even buy or make a TV dinner or popcorn for all of you and sit in front of your make believe TV and enjoy the show.

Follow these simple instructions.

Stay in your pajamas for this one. 1. find a box about the size of a small TV. 2. cut out a hole for the screen. 3.Paint the whole box. 4. Glue buttons on the TV for the On - Off switch. 5. Pipe cleaners for the aerials. 6. Glue tin-foil on the inside. 7. Make a remote control from left over cardboard and buttons. So Cute
Take a picture of your TV and send it to I will post it here on our site.  
I wonder what you will be watching on your TV?

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  1. Hi there, love your blog! I am going to make this today with my chilren. I have 3 children,a girl and 2 boys. We love the TV idea. I agree with you, Mollymoo IS a great site too. Thanks for posting. Oh, we will be watching,"Doodlebops" my kids love to dance, so I'll have music playing in the background.


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