Friday, February 24, 2012

The Fijit Friends

What ever happened to the days of cuddly teddy bears and cool wood-burning sets?  Have you heard of these, Fijit Friends Interactive Toys?  They don't look very easy to carry or warm and fuzzy, but children do say that they are fun. Fijits are interactive robot type toys that feature voice recognition with life like movement.
Each one of these Fitit things has 100 different responses built in. They can move right along with the rhythm, or play their own songs. You can buys these toys anywhere now, but check it out here, Fijit Friends  
"I don't know," I kind of like the traditional musical teddy...and would you look at this, meet "Chantilly Lane's," Singing Teddy. It's soft, cuddly and is wearing my favorite clothes. Haha You can purchase this little beauty at Click Here I'm sure your child will have hours of fun with nurse teddy. Do you agree?

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