Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tot Talk: Pet Care for Children

Teaching Children to care for small pets.. is fun, adorable and easy to care for - especially when you and your child do it together as a team. There are a few things that you can do with your children to make sure that they become good pet parents.

Adults should always be the primary caretakers for small pets, with children acting as helpers. Out of cage time should always be supervised by a grown up. Children who are 8 years and older are usually ready to handle small pets on their own. Help teach your children the responsibility of pet cleaning habits. Young children can help groom their pets with parent watching and guiding them for the safety of the pet.

Here are some Pet Care Tips I used with my children:
  • Parents should always supervise their children around pets.
  • Make sure your child uses 2 hands when handling our pets.
  • Make sure your children don't leave pets on high table tops unattended.
  • Make sure children approach the habitat calmly and quietly.
  • Have your child be a role model for visiting friends, teaching others how to handle the family pet.
  • If everyone acts similar around your pet, it will be calmer and easier to handle. 
There is nothing better than having the love of a pet. Do you have any pet tricks? Email us at

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