Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentines Day, Lets Be Ready...

Valentine's Day Treat Packages
How cute are these..., to make these custom treat packages, cut out a picture of your child, scan it, and print onto heavyweight matte paper. Cut tags using pinking shears for the bottom edges, draw hearts, and stamp or write a message on each one. Fold the tags and tape them to cellophane bags filled with sweets.
U Crack Me Up Valentine
I adore this.., U Crack Me Up Valentine and it is really easy to make and will make anyone smile. This would also make a good Valentine for a boy to give to another boy, or for anyone who cracks you up!
Here's what you'll need...
Construction paper, Sturdy Paper Plate, Paper Fastener, Scissors, Marker, Glue.

Transparent Treat
A gift of cookies or sweets becomes extra tempting when packaged in a transparent envelope that lets the goodies show through. To make an envelope, cut out two sheets of glassine paper, make one sheet longer that the other to allow for a flap. Sew pieces together by hand or machine, 1/2 inch from the sides and bottom, and cut along the edges with scalloping shears; fold over the flap, creasing it with your fingers. You can also purchase glassine packets from a philatelist shop (a shop for stamp-collectors). Whether you buy or make your envelopes, experiment with different embellishments to make them unique. The tiny packet is sealed with a heart-shaped Red Hot Candy or candy/toy of your choice. Don't forget to decorate and personalize the red packet.
If you have a Valentine craft that you would like to share, send it into Wee Care and we will post it.

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