Monday, May 21, 2012

Small-fry Picks: Cute Food For Kids.

Browsing blogs this morning, I found this one called "Cutestfood"!! Seriously, I could not stop smiling while browsing this site. The site is inspirational and so creative. "I love it". Here are few food photo's that I liked and that I think will encourage your children to eat.

 For breakfast this one is so simple Not only will your kids eat this up, they will find this teddy adorable. Bananas, raisins, honey or peanut butter..., Yum!

For lunch, this is the best! lets eat and talk about robots and bunnies. So healthy and so delicious.

Seriously, you have to check out this site! Your child will enjoy eating these cute little bears. Imagine creating this for dinner, so easy and only a few drops of food colouring. Love it!! 
Balance your child's diet and physical activity to ensure normal growth and development. Offer your child healthy choices of food that will help them to grow and will provide lots of energy for play. Click here for the site.

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