Thursday, May 17, 2012

Teacher Gifts

Whether graduating from grade school or just wrapping up the school year, every child enjoys creating something special for their teacher.  Here are a couple of very cute ideas and they are so simple to make.

Flower Pot or make individual flowers
If you want individual flowers, glue your beautiful flowers to sticks, place into the foam inside the pot.

What you need: Find pretty paper around the house, glue gun, scissors, small pot, moss or dry grass, small piece of foam to place in the pot and sticks to glue the flowers on (When you walk home from school, have your child find some small sticks and bring them home with you). How fun will that be. 

Instructions: Cut square pieces of fancy paper, start at a corner and start cutting into circles until you reach the middle of the paper (don't worry if your not cutting straight, the wavier the better. It's your choice as to how wide or narrow you want your flower. Curl your paper up tight, then spread it out slightly, glue the bottom to hold it together. Glue the flowers to the sticks. Place the foam into the pot and place the sticks into the foam. Finally, place the moss on top of the foam. Your Teach is going to love this gift.

...And for that male Teacher, how about a coffee cup with your favourite quote.

Instructions: Find as many permanent pen markers and the quote that you would like to use. Write your comments by dot form or regular printing. To help guide your printing, just place a rubber band around the mug and follow around the cup. Super cool!!  Have fun and congratulations to you and your child!!

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