Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tot Talk: Back Yard Pools

Yeah.., Summer! The warmest of the four seasons, way more day light, hot weather and the kids are out full force. Summer is just around the corner and already your children are asking for the wading pool. 
The wading pool and lager portable pools have grown in popularity, but they also pose a serious safety risk to young children. Accidents involving portable pools claim the life of one child every five days during the summer months.  One accident involved a parent who
fell asleep in a wading pool while holding a child. Other accidents occurred during lapses in pool supervision when a parent left to answer the phone or has asked an older sibling to watch over their younger brother/sister, please don't put that responsibility on the children. I know this topic is a depressing one, but it's real and needs our attention. So lets be very careful out there this summer and lets have some wonderful, fun memories together.
Here is a good idea to help keep kids from sun-stroke or sun burns.

How cute is this, so simple. The kids are covered from the sun. Pool choices, warm or cool water.
Don't forget pets...have some fun with life jackets and sun-glasses, for you and for our furry friend.

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