Friday, May 11, 2012

Flower Power

Since the sun is going to be shining all weekend long I though to have a Mother's Day Craft to reflect just that. These are so easy to make and I love that you are reusing the plastic water bottles. This would be perfect for on the dining room table, right next to the real ones your husband will be getting you... See full instructions and more photos after the jump.

We found this site with a beautiful  display of plastic Flowers:
Here how Oh Happy Day bought me.., Plastic Bottles (the cheap thin ones are easiest to work with), Spray Paint, Straws, Scissors, and Skewer Stix.

Step 1: Cut Bottles in half and cut varying sizes and shapes of petals out of the top and the bottom. Take the middles and cut petals.
Step 2: In a well-ventilated area spray the flowers and petals in different colors and let dry.
Step 3: Take the flowers hot glue the skewer stem to the lid and the petals to the stem.

Step 4: Make the vase using a base of a bottle; arrange flowers and give to mom!

Happy Mother's Day!

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