Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Oh La La!

Wee Care has had a face lift and doesn't it look great! Pass on the news and check out our features. Check back in the next couple days for more and more and more ....

Our new blog posts will include:
* Crafts of the Week * Our Featured Doctors * Featured Foodies * D.I.Y.'s * Tot Talk * and More!

Our Pages will be updated with the post of the week, Information on the Wee Care Clinic, D.I.Y. Projects, Contact Info, ...And the one everyone's been waiting for is an Auction area! Get ready to place your bids ladies and gentlemen! 


  1. It's incredible. I think it's very exciting for the Wee Care. Looks great and I look forward to seeing what your are going to Auction Off.

    1. Thanks for the comment Tammy. Good luck to you at the Auction.


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