Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Kids and Cards

There's nothing wrong with buying cards for birthdays, dinner parties or for a good friend, but for me - I love receiving a hand-made card. The time and effort that goes into these home made cards tells me, the person that made the card.., really cares.  Here is how you and your child can make your own personal card for that someone special in your life.

What You Need:

  • Nice card stock
  • Matching Envelopes (make them yourself or pick some up at a craft store)Make sure you pre-buy the envelopes so you know how big the card should be.
  • Dried flowers, Paper Flowers sparkly stuff (whatever you have, beads, buttons, dried flowers).
  • hot Glue Gun
  • Good Pens
  • Paper Cutter or scissors
Start thinking of what your card is about. 2 year old Paige and I made this card and it's about "Getting Together." I found a clock pendant and Paige wanted to use sparkly flowers, so we went with what we had at the time and here is what we came up with....

This would make a great Spring card too. We put a picture of ourselves on the inside to add an extra personal touch. Give it a try, it's cheaper than buying and a lot more fun!

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