Monday, June 25, 2012

Tot Talk: Sweet Songs

I remember when I was young and my mom would sing all kinds of silly, sweet songs. I wonder what happened to Old McDonald?  I can remember laughing and laughing, while twirling with all my friends to Ring-around the Rosy. I'm still a Tea Pot are you?  I see you smiling...these were classics and that's why I have decided to remind you of them today. Here are the top 10!

10. " The Ants Go Marching." Who knew that ants were so talented.

9.  "Down by the Bay." This song was great, because we could fill it in with our own version of      exactly what happened aside the bay.
8.  "Bicycle Built for Two." We were half crazy for this song!
7.  "Wheels on the Bus" Where is that bus today?
6.  "Frere Jacques." We felt so clever singing this classic.
5.  "Baby Beluga." This was a whale of a good time... couldn't resist. Haha
4.  "Oh! Susanna." Well-weathered paradoxes, banjos, and a great tune.
3.  "You are my Sunshine." I can still hear mothers singing this one, if they're not, they should be!
2.  "Senor Don Gato." If you don't know this lesser-known masterpiece, look it up to be the coolest cat in the town.
1.  "On top of Spaghetti." An educative number that taught us the perils of sneezing near meatballs. 
I can see my sisters and I in our front yard sitting on the swings, laughing, and pumping as hard as we could, while belting out these tunes. Oh, how I miss those days. 
What was your favorite tune as a tyke?  

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