Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Our Doctors

Kids are so cute!!  These children from Garibaldi Highlands School had a great evening pretending to be Doctors at the, Wee Care Clinic Fun Fair. For a small donation the kids would give you a check-up. 
How cute is this.... This little doctor made sure that the heart beat was healthy and the other Doctor confirmed it. Look at the smile on this patients face, he is so happy to hear good news from the Doctors.
A very busy Mom came in to the clinic for a check-up with her twins. These 2 Doctors rushed into action and had everything in control. Very quick service and the heart rate is GOOD!!  So cute.
Interest:Wee' find our M.D.'s at several school! The M.D. positions are for children ages 3 -6 years. The children volunteer their medical services to the Wee Care Clinic, their goal is to receive donations from the public to help sick children. 100% of the donations goes toward BC Children's Hospital Foundation. In 2012 the children from Garibaldi Highlands School participated in the Wee Care Clinic and they did a fabulous job at treating their patients.  Thank you Garibaldi Highland Doctors for all your hard work. If you would like the clinic to come to your school, Please notify us at

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  1. So adorable.. Great job Wee Care!!


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