Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sparkly sun glasses for kids

So Ezzzzyyy!! Stealing the show with eye-catching glitter sunglasses is not a difficult task anymore. You can make these sunglasses below in minutes. Convert your cheap sunglasses into something fun and interesting, so lets change your plain old boring sunglasses into dazzling glitter sunglasses. 

Find an old or new pair of sunglasses, then pick your glitter colour, your nail polish colour and a clear top coat (this is the sealer.)

                    DIY: Sparkly Sunglasses

     Step #1 The colour                Step #2 The Glitter                Step #3 Super fast dry gloss
Have fun with your new super cool sunglasses!!
I heard that the month of September is going to be warm and break records with the heat, so you will need your sunglasses!! Yahoo Thanks to DIY for a great idea.


  1. SO COOL! Doin' that with my kids.

    1. Send us a photo and I'll post it for you. Have fun.

  2. Love it, they look great. I even made Elton John Glasses for my halloween costume. Great idea and easy too.


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