Monday, September 3, 2012

Tot Talk: First Day of School Blues

My kids were always nervous on their first few days of school. I found that children's picture books can help to reassure children about starting school or going to a new school. Young children who are starting preschool or kindergarten will find these books about starting school fun and enjoyable to read. Children who are worried about starting first grad will find many books on this subject. Lets help reassure your child.. Read...I am too small for school

Or how about First Day Jitters It's about children sharing their fears about starting school and how his friends can help him feel better. There are many books available to assist your child.  Have a quick glance at the web site above.

Good Luck to all of the adorable children out there that are going back to school, have a wonderful first day of school!! 

Hugs to you, from Wee Care :0) 

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