Monday, October 29, 2012

About Me: I did this.. Tree Planting

Remember this..  I told you that I would volunteer for the, TD Tree Planting Day?  Well, I did it!
This is the sign up table and where we received our t-shirts, water and granola bar. We went into the forest where we were eaten my mosquitoes, we were... (Read about our Giveaway)
drenched in sweat and covered in dirt...very thirsty and Oh, yeah, did I tell you... it was GREAT!! All of the volunteers were very well looked after by the TD Tree Days Organizers. Next year I plan on bringing friends and Hey, kids will love planting tree so bring them out!!

We were taught how to properly dig the holes, loosen the roots and plant the trees or shrubs correctly so that there would be no air pockets (this is vital for the growth of the tree).   
Here is one of my many little gardens of shrubs that I had planted on this day. There were at least 14 volunteers all together and we managed to plant around 340 plants (maybe more) in just 3 hours, pretty good I though.  Have you ever planted a tree or volunteered for anything? This was truly an awesome day, give tree planting a try.
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