Friday, October 5, 2012

Auction Catus Club

Cactus Club Cafe  
Cactus Club Cafe blends the worlds of fine and casual dining. Every Customer Leaves Happy.

Evening Out for 4 - 7 Guest
Valued at: $250.00
Starting Bid: $70.00   

Cactus Club: Dinning experience you'll never forget.Take your employees out for dinner & drinks for a holiday bonus; you probably already know the benefits of this generosity "or" be that best friend and take the girls out for a night of crazy fun! Maybe, you'll want to take the whole family for an evening of quality time. Either way, you will be the hit of the night and everyone will benefit from this incredible auction giveaway!

The Cactus Club will personally host your table with a Senior Restaurant Manager. Over the 
course of the evening you and your guests will be spoiled with many samples of signature food and beverage items from the Cactus Club's globally-inspired menu.  All you need to do is bring 4 -to- 7 guest to join you, an ideal table size to ensure we satisfy your all your cravings.
The winner of this amazing Auction must contact Cactus Club to schedule "Your Private
Tasting Event."  Cactus Club Cafe  

     What the Cactus Club Cafe wants you to know:
     about cactus club
Proudly BC owned and operated, Cactus Club Cafe leads through innovation while remaining true to its Vancouver roots. Committed to delivering a unique experience, Cactus Club Cafe blends the worlds of fine and casual dining through inventive design, unparalleled food quality and a personalized approach to service.
mission statement: Every Customer Leaves Happy  
House of Yes
If we can do it, we will do it. Our Business Partners are empowered to seek innovative ways to say “yes” to our guests – all the time, every time. We are dedicated to doing whatever it takes to ensure Every Customer Leaves Happy. “No” simply does not exist in our vocabulary.
100% of proceeds go to BC Children's Hospital Thank you for your generous donation and helping children!


  1. This would be amazing! Any location? I bid $70!

    1. Yes, all locations, except for "English Bay." They said that they are just way too busy at English Bay to be able put this event on.

  2. $90 Amanda Webster

  3. Congratulation!! Thank you so much Amanda Webster for donating to the BC Children's Hospital Foundation.


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